Find the Perfect Name for Your Next Startup

Startup Name Check helps you finding the right name for your new side-project, product, or startup. Enter words describing your project to check them for available domains and social accounts.

How to Start and Promote a Blog for your Business

Starting a blog is often a key part of the marketing plan for small businesses. A blog doesn't need to be complicated or heavy. We show you how to get your blog up and running in hours — without hiring a developer. Once you got your blog up and running you should focus on creating and promoting your content.

How to Protect Your Business Name from Another Company Using It Too?

Unfortunately, not all companies play fair and nice. Some like use your company name for their business. Learn how to protect your business name and what the limitations are.

How to Come up with a Great Business Name?

Getting started on a new business is always an exciting adventure. Yet, there are a few things you should keep in mind when you are naming your new company. Here is a quick guide to finding a great name you will still be happy in a few years.

How to Find out If Your Business Name Is Available?

The right business name is part one. Part two is making sure no one else is using the name, or worse. Has registered a business under the name or trademarked it. Read up to make sure you are on the safe side by checking if your business name is available.